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Convert wood and gas fireplaces

Do you have a non-working fireplace?

Nearly every home of the earlier eras has a non-working fireplace - they might contain candles, pine cones or other accessories, or they might be covered over — but everyone aspires for them to be working again, whether for ambience or to warm up a room.

EcoSmart's fireplace grates have been carefully and cleverly designed to convert existing traditional fireplaces into clean-burning bioethanol fireplaces.

New fireplace grates

New fireplace grates

Move to modern and revive your old fireplace in minutes... Here's how:

The Grate fireplace Burner enables these functional structures of yesteryear to be restored to again become beautiful focal points of these homes. It immediately breathes life into previously redundant fireplaces and adds that extra spark to a room.

EcoSmart Fires use bioethanol, a clean-burning eco-friendly fuel that doesn't require a flue or chimney.

Our fireplace grates provide an easy way for homeowners and designers to revitalize existing traditional wood-burning or gas fireplaces.

A modern take on the traditional

Modern take on traditional fireplaces

Available in three different sizes, these fireplace grates bring new life to old and unused fireplaces thanks to their use of clean burning e-NRG bioethanol.

The ventless and self-contained Grate Series can simply be slipped into pre-existing fireplaces and lit within minutes. Made from durable Fluid Concrete, the convenient Grate Series complement traditional and contemporary fireplaces alike.

10 benefits of fireplace grates

  • Easy, low-cost installation: To install, simply close off the vent and gas connection, attach the Fireplace Grate to a level platform with its easy fitting system.
  • Enhanced efficiency: No vent or flue required, which stops heat from escaping. Increase heat output by closing the dampener or sealing off the flue with a metal plate.
  • Robust: Constructed from durable Fluid™ Concrete, an incredibly strong and environmentally-friendly material.
  • Stylish: Modern clean lines that complement any hearth design; natural flames that create the look and ambiance of a traditional wood fire.
  • Design flexibility: Converting an old, unused, or outdated fireplace is no longer the exclusive domain of interior design professionals.
  • Warm your home, not the planet: Powered by clean-burning renewable energy, ethanol.
  • Easy maintenance: EcoSmart’s ethanol fires don’t leave any carbon residue, so are quick and easy to keep clean.
  • Safer than wood: The Fireplace Grates don’t produce any smoke, soot or flying embers.
  • No gas or electricity: Fuel is housed within the self-contained burner; you don’t have to run pipes or cables through your walls.
  • Certified and standard compliant: UL Listed, EN 16647 BSI Certified, ACCC Safety Mandate compliant.