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Eco-awareness drives demand for ethanol

It’s the time of year people give more thought to heating, particularly to the costs and the impact of gas and wood-burning fireplaces on the environment. Which is where ethanol fireplaces come to the fore.

Stephane Thomas, Director of MAD Design USA and creator of EcoSmart Fire, a pioneer of the ethanol fire industry, says ethanol fuel “is a smarter choice for so many reasons”.

“We’ve seen a significant increase in demand for EcoSmart Fires from designers, homeowners and commercial operators – as much as for the design flexibility as for the environmentally-friendly credentials,” says Thomas.

EcoSmart Fire XL900 ethanol burner
EcoSmart Fire XL900 Ethanol Burner
EcoSmart Fire XL900 Ethanol Burner

“Ethanol is a liquid alcohol. It’s better for the environment because it’s a sustainable energy source, is clean-burning, and the small amount of odorless CO² it produces – the same CO² that’s in the air we breathe – is reabsorbed by plants. Unlike wood and gas, when ethanol burns it doesn’t produce any smoke, soot, ash or unpleasant odors. That means ventless ethanol fireplaces don’t require a chimney flue or vent (which suck out heated air with the smoke), nor costly connection to gas or electricity.”

EcoSmart Fire’s e-NRG ethanol is made sustainably using the fermented starches and sugars from plants, such as corn and sugarcane, which ensures the cleanest fuel and the lowest odor. “We call the process ‘from farm to fireplace’,” says Thomas.

“And as ethanol fireplaces are an eco-friendly heating option, they are the perfect solution for New York city residents, who are banned from installing new wood-burning fireplaces as part of the Mayor’s clean air initiative, a ban that may extend to other states due to the increasing concerns for the environment.”

EcoSmart Fire has a wide variety of clean-lined ethanol fires designed to complement any indoor or outdoor area, whether residential, commercial, or retail.

7 benefits of ethanol-burning EcoSmart Fire fireplaces:

  • Low-cost, easy installation: ethanol fireplaces don’t require a flue or vent, connection to gas or electricity by a licensed plumber or electrician, nor do they need insulation
  • Less heat loss: there’s no chimney flue, which means heat stays in the room
  • Low-cost maintenance: no regular servicing required or parts that need repairing or replacing, and no ash or soot to clean up
  • Clean-burning, sustainable fuel that’s kinder to the environment
  • Endless residential and commercial design flexibility, with myriad ventless EcoSmart Fire options
  • A longer burning time than gas or wood
  • Certified and US industry standards compliant